Fans vs. Capcom: The Fate of Two Clusterf***s

It's only been a few days since Capcom officially canceled the fan-driven project Mega Man Legends 3, and already the backlash has begun, and it's only getting worse. At first, it was just hundreds of bitter comments by fans on the cancelation notice at Capcom's official blog, but then the punches started to swing.

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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xtheownerzx2525d ago

Great article. I am a Megaman fan myself, but i have to say it is sad seeing Capcom cancel Megaman Legends 3. What makes it worse is instead of gamers showing how much a fanbase there was for the game, they resorted to violence.

This is a sad situation.

CrazyForGames2525d ago

i think nintendo or anyone else should just buy megaman off capcom and get it over with because its obvious capcom doesn't want anything to do with him anymore

might as well give him a home and a job

Lyr1c2525d ago

BEtter yet, Inafune and his new company "Intercept", should buy off the rights to the Megaman franchise.

You know...Considering that Inafune is the one to make him big in the first place.

dbjj120882525d ago

Just because Inafune is gone Capcom is going to destroy one of their strongest franchises.

JohnnyMann4202525d ago

Just because one stupid POS fan got violent does not mean sh*t.

A lot of us are pissed and would never think about attacking a capcom person.

Giru0172525d ago

Not that I condone violence (much less when it's over something as trivial as a video game) with with all the **** capcom has been pulling, I'd actually think they'd deserve a good punch in the face...

Note: Capcom as a company, not anyone in particular.

JohnnyMann4202524d ago

I can't believe I got all disagrees. How does one fan's stupidity damn us all?

I was just pointing out that people do stupid sh*t all the time, not time to start blaming the community.

...But...if you guys like blaming gamers as a whole rather than one idiot, by all means go for it.

maniacmayhem2525d ago

I would rather have a Mega Man or X title rather than legends.
How about a downloadable 2D style a la Shadow Complex type of mega man game.

decimalator2525d ago

It's always sad to see games get cancelled, especially when in some cases a game being cancelled for a small studio means that studio is going out of business, people losing their jobs, etc.

I hate the nerd rage associated with gamers and the Internet. If your grocery store stops selling your favorite brand of snack, are you going to throw a hissy fit, punch out the manager and piss on him? Or are you going to just start shopping at a new store?

I think the Internet needs a mechanism for beating the shit out of people who act like assholes online.

Hicken2525d ago

Except, in this case, that store is the only one that sells your favorite snack. And despite there being large demand for that snack across the country which could have made that store lots of money, they stopped carrying because they said not enough shoppers were interested.

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The story is too old to be commented.