Has Goldeneye Missed the Bus? Battlefield and COD Fans Think So.

As anticipation builds for the release of the new Goldeneye Reloaded, some wonder if it's too little too late for this has been FPS. As far more superior games such as Call of Duty MW3 and Battlefield 3 hit shelves this year, it's ignorant to deny the fact that this Classic Remake might end up being the 3rd wheel failure.

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7SBuzzLightyear7S2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

What? Hell no! Any REAL gamer, especially one who is a fan of the FPS genre, knows that GoldenEye 007 is only one of less than a handful of games that can define its genre, without any flaws.

Has it missed the bus? Maybe it's been a long time coming and for that, unappreciative fanboys will bash what this game will offer, because they are satisfied with dumbed-down, generic, rehashed video games, which has grown to become the Call of Duty franchise. But there is no denying that those who grew up playing this game, they will drop their CoD and BF games.

Along with the remake of Halo: CE, hopefully, the FPS genre can step out of this terrible cloud it has been in, because developers need to see what it used to be. If it weren't for games like GE 007, there would be no CoD, BF, Crysis, FEAR, Medal of Honor.....

kramun2524d ago

I doubt anyone is going to drop CoD or BF for this really, even fans of the original. I was a big fan, but I'm not that interested in this tbh.

And it's a bit much to say that without Goldeneye those games wouldn't have turned up. Games like Half Life and Quake are far more influentual in the FPS genre. Especially concerning games like Fear and Crysis.

FriedGoat2524d ago

This is the wii Goldeneye aswell, this game is not the game you loved on the N64. This is like saying Goldeneye: Rogue Agent is the same game also.

JsonHenry2524d ago

I can't wait for BF3/Rage. However, the new godleneye game is going to be one I play with a lot of people that I played the original with in High School. I think there is room for the new as well as the re-hashed this time around. :)

Hufandpuf2524d ago

you say modern day FPSs are dumbed down? Goldeneye came out on N64 with only TDM, DM, and Capture the flag.

also, without goldeneye there would be no CoD or Medal of honor. But I wouldn't care.

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MonopolyRSV2524d ago

There is no anticipation for this whack ass game.

bojanson2524d ago

I think there is some anticipation, Goldeneye was a classic game and people are somewhat excited to see what they've done with it

CaptainPunch2524d ago

Who the hell cares about what anyone says, I'm picking this up.