Developer Touches On Why the WiiWare Distribution Platform Sucks

Nightmare Mode reports on the terrible conditions under which titles on the WiiWare platform are expected to sell.

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Ulf2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Wow. That's an awful, awful business model for the little guys. Can't change the price point? Can't update unless there's a critical bug?


Is Nintendo deliberately trying to make them shy away from making WiiWare?

oli2405d ago

yea, that must be frustrating. i dont even think that said things will be fixed for WiiU

Xof2405d ago

All of the big 3 have proven to be rather thick-headed, with very little understanding of, you know, the whole "gaming industry" thing they're a part of.

Nintendo far more so than most. They are incapable of making the kinds of no-brainer decisions most thinking beings would expect.

TrueAxiom2405d ago

Considering Nintendo's approach to digital distribution in general, it doesn't surprise me they're trying to screw over indie devs. They don't seem to care as long as everyone still buys the new Zelda or Mario game.

Apotheosize2405d ago

"developer must sell X number of copies in a two year span first. This means that some developers can release titles on the platform and have to wait more than a year to actually see any profits–even if their title is selling. If it’s not selling, developers can’t really do anything It’s entirely possible to not hit a threshold and not see any payment despite all the work a developer may have put into the title and despite some sales."

This is the same for their non-Wiiware titles as well, which is why Nintendo and 3rd parties clash

maniacmayhem2405d ago

I remember a looooong time ago on N4G when Wiiware was introduced and it was stated that this would be the xbla killer.

Lol, oh how funny life really is.

Vortex3D2405d ago

I bought my Wii after a few months it came out for one primary reason, Wiiware. Of course, after owning the Wii, Wiiware games are often not worth the price.

Now I play my Wii 0.1% of the time as the other 99.9% is playing on my PS3 and X360.

jacksonmichael2405d ago

You play video games 100 percent of the time? Well that's just crazy. Lol.