Activision Milks Another Franchise

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte talks Activision's New Goldeneye. "Upon the recent announcement yesterday that Activision would be making another Goldeneye game. I took it upon myself to look into the potential exhaustion of this franchise."

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MorbidPorpoise2374d ago

2.5 Goldeneye's in the past 7 years, seems to me plenty of milking left in this franchise :P

WhiteLightning2374d ago

Yeah but it's Activision...if this sells alot while released along with MW3, U3, Skyrim, Battlefield etc then Activision will milk the sh*t out of Goldeneye.

They did that with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro and look what happened to them.

LOGICWINS2374d ago

If people want a new Goldeneye every year..I don't see the problem with giving it to them.

If I was selling lemonade and people really enjoyed my product..I'd try to sell as much of it as possible.

NMC20072374d ago

Bullshit! People were asking for a Goldeneye, they gave the Wii a version because that was the only way they could at the time, now they are giving the PS360 a version called reloaded and they are milking it? Bullshit!

Goldeneye is NOT apart of the other James Bond games, it's totally different, so that Danial Craig bullshit from last year and Casino Royal doesn't count.

STFU and take the game you wanted, Capcom are the milk champions not Activision, pick on Capcom.

BLACKBIBLE2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

1st of all Why are you talking about Capcom as if the writer is defending them. As far as I can read Capcom is not the focus Activsion is. 2nd The arthur made good points about the milking of a franchise at the same time this is an opinion piece. Goldeneye is gem, but truth be told this game should have been out for all system's when it was ported to the Wii.

3rd Everyone is pissed at Capcom for a lot of the decisions they've made at same time people tend to get mad at the wrong people about it. Reading your response it seems that you have more anger towards Capcom then the arthur but yet you choose to lash out at him because you feel that your voice would matter more.

Dude, look I understand where you're coming from because I myself find what Capcom is doing really retarded. At the same time what can you do but voice your outrage. Lastly lets not act like Activision is a saint they screwed over their own employee and openly admitted that they would do the same to consumers if they could.

NMC20072374d ago

It's not really that complicated. I feel like Capcom milks more, it's that simple. How many Street Fighter games are there? Mega Man? Resident Evil? Marvel vs Capcom has a main game and then an upgrade in the same year? I don't think Activision ever done that before(I don't think so, i'm not 100% sure).

Mega Man alone probably has more games than Activision has published and yet, nobody talks milk when it comes to the franchise. Resident Evil has more games than Guitar Hero since GH was created, so not even counting the PS1 titles.

Street Fighter?! HA! I won't even get started on that. All I am saying is that everyone picks on Activision exclusively when it comes to milking something, I don't hear the word milk unless it's about Activision, which is pretty bogus to me.

What about Konami and Castlevania? I think there are more Castlevania games than Guitar Hero & Call of Duty combined(again, same time frame, not counting games preceding the release of Guitar Hero & COD) and yet, no talk of milking.

I think people just like talking trash about Activision, it seems that Activision has become the George Bush of publishers, if you talk trash about either of them you will have many readers, that's why Activision is still on so many people's tongues, they've become a circle jerk conversation piece.

I am not saying the original written piece is wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinions and views, which is why I posted my views and opinions here as well, I really don't care about milking, if people want the games then give them the games, obviously each game Acti and Cap has made has many fans who buy each one, so what's wrong with that? I wish more companies milked.

I am not against milking, I am just pointing out that milking is not Activision exclusive.

Gordo7892374d ago

God forbid they try and make some money. They're not holding guns to our heads and forcing us to buy their games.

LOGICWINS2374d ago

God forbid they give people the option of buying something.

maxmill2374d ago

i love how daniel craig is way better than pierce yet people dickride

Goldeneye was is only actually boss movie

BlmThug2374d ago

Please. Pierce Is Way Better

air12374d ago

whats so bad about making games that ppl want to play? if its being milked its cause ppl want that milk..

can those that want the milk have it?!

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