Tales of Xillia Expected To Outpace Prior Tales Games

It's obvious that Namco Bandai has lofty goals set for their latest entry in the Tales series, Tales of Xillia, with it being the first title built solely for the PS3 in Japan. We've finally gotten an idea of just what their sales expectations are now thanks to some marketing documents that have been leaked on a Japanese gaming blog.

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ksense2408d ago

Please bring this to NA and Europe

tiffac2408d ago

I second the motion. lol!

JDouglasGU2408d ago

the japanese market is difficult for almost any console title right now for a number of reasons. hopefully namco is rewarded for their optimism.

golsilva2408d ago

seriously it took namco this long to realize that the platform most closely associated with your top series will have the most sales. even though tov was released on ps3 in jp only it doubled the sales compared to the 360 version (440k to 220k).

I can see how ps3 might be the more expensive of the three consoles or more difficult to develop for but when you can potentially double the sales of games on other platforms for ps3 then its worth the effort. This is a step in the right direction hopefully they can continue the momentum

tiffac2408d ago

I don't think most of the Japanese developers have realized that the JRPG market is more on the PS3 rather than the 360 or Wii.

Infernostew2408d ago

Well, now that Namco Japan is finally getting it, how long do you think Namco America is going to get with the program? I know they announced Graces f port for ps3 and the Abyss 3DS flop is coming to america but they keep shooting themselves in the foot with localization.

tiffac2408d ago

All I can say is cross your fingers and pray hard for Bamco and the rest of the Japanese developers to get their act together and stop alienating their fanbase outside of Japan.