Dress your Avatar as the King of Pop

GameFocus writes:
Starting now, you can buy via Xbox Live marketplace, a new avatar collection inspired by the costumes worn by Michael Jackson. Each Avatar Costume is available for 400 Microsoft Points. All those items are inspired by songs that are currently featured in Michael Jackson The Experience, the game

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beast242tru2407d ago

as gay as i think those xbox avitars are i think the line of clothing far outputs the ps3 home clothes

Bigpappy2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

My makes sooo much money off these avatars. So do the developer by the way. I bought a monkey for my avatar to play with. But my outfits are all free. I do have some friends that go way deeper into adorning their avatars. Its there for those want it.

I don't spend much on stuff like this, but I am not going to comdemn people who have fun with it. It is fun logging in and seeing what wacky changes they have made. I change from time to time, but as I said, most of my stuff is free, some I won as rewards from playing games that give avatar items.

fooxy2407d ago

billy jean is not my lov'a aw ! :D no fuck no say no to digital clothing

i rule2407d ago

why would anyone want to dress up like a pervert pedophile?