Is Valve Leaking DotA 2 Info Over Voice Actors

In case DotA 2 leaks are done directly by Valve, we can confirm that they had a huge impact on the gaming population.

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Solid_Dave2471d ago

All I know, is that I love Valve, and I love DOTA. So, yea, BRING ON THE LEAKED INFO!

meetajhu2471d ago

People are underestimating this game. Activision Blizzard are currently pissed now. This game has capability to be Game of the Year.

solar2471d ago

Valve knows how to stir interest in unorthodox ways. unlike the 500 articles stating how great a game will be by hype or how great the dev/pub says its gonna be. <3 Valve.

Awookie2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

There's still so little info for a game that's planned on being released this year i want to see some gameplay, love Dota can't wait.

Flavor2471d ago

DotA only became a phenomenon because of rampant piracy of Warcraft 3 in internet cafes throughout Asia & Europe. It was essentially free. Valve may be making a big miscalculation here.

And in China, League of Legends is basically owned by a huge and politically connected telecom (Tencent), and the record of foreign competitors vs. domestic in China is not pretty.

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