Take-Two Open to Acquisition? COO Says 'We're a Great Investment'

Take-Two has been rumored to be an acquisition target for some time now. While the company was once thought of as nothing more than the house that brought you GTA, Take-Two has since grown its portfolio of successful titles to the point where they can be profitable in non-GTA years. Analysts have said this makes the company even more appealing, and IndustryGamers decided to ask Take-Two COO Karl Slatoff about a buyout scenario.

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donniebaseball2556d ago

I hope Activision doesn't buy them, that would screw over their games in no time.

Dart892556d ago

God if that happens expect GTA every year :o.

blumatt2556d ago

I'd like to see Sony buy them up. Imagine a 50GB GTA with a city 5 times larger than San Andreas and more cars and things to do than ever. Take Two as a Sony first party studio would be incredible. However, it would take a HUGE sum of money for Sony to be able to buy them up. Probably upwards of $100 Million.

doctorstrange2556d ago

GTA alone is a billion dollar IP, I'm guessing rather more than $100mil.

blumatt2556d ago

lol Oh, didn't realize it was worth that much. Ok, yeah, I doubt Sony would ever pay that much. That's a LOT!

golsilva2556d ago

You know im particularly impressed that take two actually made more non gta games that were extremely good like red dead or la noire. This is a strategy that more publishers/devs should use by diversifying their game catalog instead of creating multiple sequels which dilute your series and sales eventually decrease (guitar hero is a great example).

no_more_heroes2556d ago

Shows how much I know. I thought they were owned by Rockstar...

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The story is too old to be commented.