Gamer Euphoria: Comic Jumper Review (Xbox 360)

Comic Jumper is what it is – you’re jumping from comic to comic with a super-cool guy by the alias of “Captain Smiley” (and his abdomen friend called “Star”). Another big title (and exclusive too) is here on Xbox LIVE Arcade and priced at 1200 Microsoft Points. Does it live up to that price? Hmm. You may not think so at first but there’s so many good moments that make it feel more and more worth it as you progress.

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topgun332525d ago

will this be coming out on psn?

manumit2525d ago

wow i didn't know PSN didn't have it. Well with how things are going with MS "exclusives" i'm sure you guys will have it in about 6 months.

TheDivine2525d ago

Na i think its from the people behind splosionman so it wont be on psn. It looks pretty darn good to me, might try it if they have a demo.