Wii U controller is 'a huge improvement on current consoles' - Ubisoft

Ubisoft believes that the Nintendo Wii U will be "extremely strong for both hardcore and casual gamers."

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firemassacre2525d ago

it looks pretty bulky and uncomfortable to be honest, i hope it just looks that way and im wrong. anyways making a high claim there think you got hand over palm against the dualshock 3 and the 360 controller?

sdtarm2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Wii U controller is 'a huge improvement on current consoles' - Ubisoft

mhmm no

rexbolt2525d ago

its flat how is flat bulky?

Pozzle2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Er...flat things can be bulky and heavy too? Just look at an iPad or laptop.

rexbolt2525d ago

bulky means thick so flat things cant be bulky can a folder be bulky? nope can a text book be bulky yes like the vita for say that things bulky its about the size of a wii if u cut the thickness in half then u have vitas thicknes now thats bulky

jaosobno2525d ago

I partially agree. It's huge, but not improvement.

matey2525d ago

ive seen pics of it and its slimmer than a Vita and its more comfortable aswell

Jihaad_cpt2522d ago

jaosobno please tell use how you saw it being comfortable? also its way bulk in dimension its to wide and doesnt seem to conform with hands in anyway!

stevenhiggster2525d ago

The analogue sticks aren't even real analogue sticks, they are nubbins like what the psp and 3ds have!

Shackdaddy8362525d ago

I heard it was comfortable but we'll see...

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waltyftm2525d ago

Looks exspensive and uncomfortable.

Ness-Psi2525d ago

so you've met my girlfriend...


waltyftm2525d ago

No, honest mate i never layed a finger in her.

bitboi2525d ago

several gaming sites that have had ACTUAL hands on have dispelled the "uncomfortable" to hold notion. And I know that from a company like nintendo who has been making games and consoles for way over a decade would know a thing or too about making a comfortable controller

StarWolf2525d ago

yes but this is N4G (sony website)

pcz2525d ago

I bet you would all take ubisofts word for it if they said 'dual shock is the best.'

just admit it, nintendo struck gold with the wiiu controller.

disagree now but when the next gen sony/microsoft come with the exact same controller you will sing its praises then.

its 'motion control is crap until sony/microsoft do it' all over again.

cochise3132525d ago

They struck gold, but the system can only use one and you can't buy a second one.

ABizzel12525d ago

Supposedly the system can support up to 2 according to Nintendo, but how you go about purchasing the 2nd is still up in the air, or for that matter if the second controller actually allows you to stream the same information to the controller vs. just functioning as a regular controller.

Once again the Wii U has left everyone with more question than hype.

Shackdaddy8362525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

@ABizzel1 Actually Ninty said it can support 5(max amount of players the wiiu supports at one time) but they suggest that devs make games so they play with only 1.

KwietStorm2525d ago

The dual shock isn't a tablet. Nice try though. Struck gold how, exactly? Can you make me a believer in your own words, based on YOUR firsthand experience?

pcz2525d ago

''The dual shock isn't a tablet''

did i say the dual shock was a tablet? No.

my point is, you people who disagree with ubisofts statement would change your tune if they praised the controller to whatever console you own. But just because its wiiu, you want to disagree.

''Struck gold how, exactly?''

what other controller offers you the freedom to take the game away from the tv and continue playing the game...? i'm waiting? exactly none. That striking gold. plus the catalogue of other features.

'' Can you make me a believer in your own words, based on YOUR firsthand experience?''

im not a salesman, i'm just pointing out the stupid bias there is in the forum. Can you prove the wiiu is not better than a dual shock or a xbox controller based on your first hand experience? Huh? can't hear you.

if you actually listen to reports, the unanimous verdict is that the controller is great to hold, you will hear time and again people saying nintendo are onto something big with this.

as i said before, disagree all you want now, when ps4/720 come with their inevitable rip-off versions of wiius controller, you will change your tune then. You will see past that wall of ignorance that blinds you from wiius PROVEN greatness


purple1052525d ago

@ pcz

"what other controller offers you the freedom to take the game away from the tv and continue playing the game...?"

I believe the PSV will let me do that :)

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MidnytRain2525d ago

Let's be honest here; the DualShock 3 is as light as a feather.

rexbolt2525d ago

and also has the durability of glass

MidnytRain2525d ago


I wouldn't know because I take care of my gaming equipment.

MEsoJD2525d ago

There's a reason why the design of the dual shock hasn't changed much over the years. It's because it works well. Nintendo makes a radical change to its controllers with each system. Microsoft just made there's smaller.

I would rather have a comfortable controller than a tablet. I understand it can help with info but I don't want to look down at my controller. I think it would be more of a distraction.

KwietStorm2525d ago

Your blatant generalizations and immature way of proving your point didn't help prove a thing. I never said another controller could do what the Wii U does, so you can move on from that. I don't WANT to leave my tv to play my game. That's what the tv is for. Don't you have to be in range if the console for it to work anyway? What would be the point? I don't WANT to game on a tablet. I couldn't care less what developers are saying, and I sincerely hope the other two manufacturers don't follow suit, contrary to your little belief. Past ignorance and proven Wii U greatness? Lmao I thought you said you weren't a salesman?

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Rrobba2525d ago

In terms of functionality, certainly. Built in motion sensors, built in camera, built in screen with touch functionality, built-in rumble feature, built in mic, built in speakers and standard buttons with dual analogs...

What remains to be seen is whether or not it is better in terms of comfort. It look's quite bulky, but most hands-on users have said it's far more comfortable than it look's. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Ness-Psi2525d ago

I'm still unsure about the thumbpads. most games need tight controls and those thumbpads looked a bit loose.

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Ness-Psi2524d ago

@valk WTF! what has Sony got to do with anything go take a chill pill.

jdfoster002525d ago

Wii U controller is 'not a huge improvement on current consoles' - Jdfoster00

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