Battlefield 3 Confirmed to be Available on Nintendo 3DS

Official website of EA Portugal listed Nintendo 3DS version of Battlefield 3.

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firemassacre2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

the more people get to play battlefield 3, the better, but i just dont see how this is going to measure up. :/

@Rrobba exactly, the vita has alot of power backing it so i see the vita using battlefield 3 at more potential than the 3ds.

Fayulah2526d ago

Vita will be awesome but most likely Battlefield 3 won't be ported to it since the console will be released sometimes after the initial release of Battlefield 3.

RememberThe3572526d ago

Battlefield 2 was released on the 360 a year after it came out on the PC. I wouldn't write a Vita port off just yet.

Gran Touring2526d ago

@remember that was BF2: Modern Combat. VERY different from the PC Battlefield 2.

But yes, I'm pretty sure Battlefield will come to Vita.

MorbidPorpoise2526d ago

BF2:MC came on the PS2 and Xbox a few months after BF2 for the pc.

Rrobba2526d ago

I doubt this is true. Probably a simple mistake. Would have been interesting to see, though, but I suspect that the Vita is the only handheld BF3 might come to.

Fayulah2526d ago

Well, we will see if this is true, at least its listed on the official website and if they remove it, then it was a type mistake most likely.

itsralf2526d ago

What would be the point?

SpoonyRedMage2526d ago

I reckon in the event this is true it's a separate version like the DS CODs or the iphone version of Bad Company 2.

JohnApocalypse2526d ago

They are making an IOS version of Battlefield 3 too

CaptCalvin2525d ago

That watered down IOS garbage needs to stay out of my Vita that's for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.