Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection: First Official Screens

Konami has just released the first official screens of Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection, which will see release this Fall exclusively on the PS3.

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firemassacre2530d ago

so much games so little time... 2011 is going to be the best year in gaming for a very very long time. my ps3 is going to be heating up my house by all of the games im going to buy. i also need a new hard drive, my 40 gb is looking pretty small right now ;)

ksense2530d ago

no kidding besides the actual games that are coming out I need to think about remakes now too!!! I am buying ico/sotc collection and splinter cell collection. would have loved to have seen metal gear collection with mgs1 but anyways buying that too. silent hill and devil may cry will have to wait until I am done with the fall games.

bloodybutcher2530d ago

definitely get new hdd!especially that they are not expensive.i got last year 320gb hdd and now i know it´s not don´t go under 500gb:)

2530d ago
pipipi2530d ago

same here!! too many games so little time! i havent beaten the witcher 2 nor even dragon age 1 and 2. lol at least SH games are a way less longer than RPGs

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Der_Kommandant2530d ago

2011... Wallet Critical Failure

Quagmire2530d ago

I know this might seem like a bad idea, but for the love of god, SLOW DOWN IN 2012!

Im still trying to catch up on games released in 2009!

peeps2530d ago

shame there are only 2 screens but I completely forgot about this game. I never played the silent hill games when they came out and so picked up silent hill 2 a few years back to play on my ps3, ps3 died though and my new 1 wasn't backward compat - prob for the best not though if it means experiencing the full game first time in hd etc

GLoRyKnoT2530d ago

Stoker-ed over this re-master-ed collection! :)

Blacktric2530d ago

Me too but not too much since they've changed the voice actors because they were too cheap to pay their debts to the people like Guy Cihi (voice and mocap actor for James Sunderland). Pathetic.

Raven_Nomad2530d ago

These were pretty good games a generation or two ago.

Ser2530d ago

They still are today.

Day. One.

pipipi2530d ago

THEY STILL ARE..... GO PLAY wannabe horror games like RE5!!! LOL just kidding mate, you should give them a try if you havent, the other day i was playing SH3 and i cant sleep for a while!!! the enviroments are the best!!! no wnder why SH HOMECOMING was like sesame street or dora the explorer for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.