Joystiq - Captain America: Super Soldier review

JOYSTIQ: "Like baseball and apple pie, the wholesome beatdown of Nazis has been adopted as a symbol of American pride. Captain America has long delivered such blows on the comic pages, shield clanging off the craniums of bad guys like a gong sounding an end to tyranny. As it turns out, blunt force trauma can be pretty darn patriotic."

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archemides5182530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

i like this game, for some reason the framerate in the early parts is pretty bad on ps3, but around halfway through it gets better. it almost makes no sense, the giant open areas have good framerate, but most corridor hallways it drops down like crazy. i'm guessing it's an issue to do with post process antialiasing on the detailed brick walls...were i to guess it looks like MLAA but implemented weird.

morganfell2530d ago

That's odd. I have been playing the game in 3D on a 60GB launch and am close to the end of the level that comes AFTER you disable the large radar. I don't want to be more specific because it would be a spoiler. But that is around Chapter 6 and have had zero slowdowns. Even the early portion of the game when you first visit the Bunkhouse and they use smoke grenades, a rendering demand that leads to frame hits in many titles, and there was no issue at all.

The 3D implementation is really well done.

Several of the guys were playing the game in 2D at work today using Slims and there wasn't a sign of an issue.

The game seems linear at first though you can backtrack a lot. But once you unlock the sewers it allows you to move around to previous areas with ease. But unlike Arkham Asylum, there are enemies at previous areas. Since the cap has been there these locations have been reinforced with tougher enemies. The game is a buy and definitely one of the better Super Hero titles in recent years.

archemides5182530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

hmm that is weren't getting a real low framerate on the opening part where it's raining in the trenches? that was the worst i've experienced so far but like i said it has gotten a lot better. noticeably in the challenge rooms it is completely smooth. what you said now has me thinking that it might have something to do with hard disk fragmentation with the 4 gig install....i have no space left (on my backwards compatible 80 gig) and routinely delete data and demos and such to install various games. maybe it is just not able to load the assets fast enough from different parts of the drive. i will have to do some experimenting...i haven't played in 3D yet, maybe that switches the workflow up a bit as well.

i agree it is a buy tho

Rampaged Death2530d ago

I'll be giving this a rent for sure.