Cause For Concern: Four Reasons Nintendo 3DS May Be Doomed (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Yesterday, we listed five games that'll presumably improve 3DS sales. No big surprises, really. Just a heavy dose of Mario sprinkled with Pokemon for good measure; for more info, read Disappointing 3DS Sales: Five Games That'll Turn Things Around.

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Ulf2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

This article has some good points, and some bad ones.

The point regarding the cancellations of games on the 3DS is the most troublesome -- this may be due to the fact that 3DS games just plain cost more to develop than 3rd parties had imagined. The PSP cost a good 2-4x as much to develop a decent title for, compared to the DS, and DS budgets just won't cut it on a system like the 3DS.

The point regarding the eventual replacement of gaming handhelds by mobile devices is pretty flaky. For one thing, most (meaning 99+ %) mobile devices are horribly crippled by not having real controls. That's a serious problem, and not to be overlooked. For another thing, despite the sheer number of cheap apps available, the TOP grossing apps of ALL TIME on the App store have barely grossed more then about $20M... and that was on games that cost nearly that much to make and market.

Lastly, mobile devices are crippled by the fact that they are usually *phones*, and that any app must allow the OS to jump in and shut any app down right away, as well as allowing all sorts of crap to run concurrently in the background (various services). This is horribly crippling to mobile development, since without a dedicated processor, you have no idea how much/many resources you have at your disposal at any time, and you have to plan for the worst.

The best mobile devices have hardware specs that put the PSP and 3DS to shame... yet the number of serious games you see one them you could count on the fingers of one hand. That's not some random coincidence. ([TECHNOBABBLE WARNING]) On top of that, mobile fabrication will not pass the 20nm barrier anytime soon, while desktop fabrication will, due to electron loss (and hence, power drain) issues at the most fundamental physical level which are tolerable when you are plugged in, but not when you're on a battery. That's gonna put a *serious* damper on improved mobile tech past about 2014, and dedicated gaming hardware will have a serious, serious advantage without the intrusive OS problems of other mobile devices.

Venox20082409d ago

oh man, not again.. first: PS3 is doomed, then Wii is doomed, now 3DS is doomed... next incoming: Wii U is doomed.. get over yourselves..