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GameZone's Mike Splechta previews Bleach: Soul Resurreccion for Playstation 3. It in in the style of Koei's Warriors' series and features multiple characters that you can play as.

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rabidpancakeburglar2371d ago

lol at Nel realising he's a soul reaper. the english voice acting is utterly horrendous and there could be more variety in the slashing but besides those complaints it should be a fantastic game.

CrescentFang2371d ago

I don't remember what happened to Nel... as of right now each weekly Bleach release kind of sucks... I guess it's nice for like a minute read or something (no seriously, it'll take you 2 minutes maximum if you read manga at a steady pace. no joke)

I'm sorry NIS I can't support you with this one, there are too many games coming out and my wallet's going empty. I really do want that Disgaea 4 edition that costs $120, alas I'm not rich :(

lance422371d ago

that's just it, i would buy it too if there weren't like 8 other games I want more than this one