Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 - Gameplay Footage From Comic Con 2011

Check out the latest gameplay from comic con 2011

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emazzuca2371d ago

This Game will Suck!

don't buy it ! or support Capcom!


darfreeze2371d ago's tempting. And Strider Hiryu is enough to make me buy this game? But I still hate you Cashcom!
After this, no day 1 buying of Capcom games. XD

pennywhyz2371d ago

dont buy anything from capcom they make half ass geame then put dl content ya have to pay for to make it a good game they are the biggest rip off company out there will not support them

_Empath_2371d ago

Capcom is the Britney Spears of gaming.

_Empath_2371d ago

I am happy your not spending my money on crap.

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