Miyamoto Was Not The Brains Behind The Wii U

Miyamoto is regarded as one of the best game designers in the industry, as such, he has a huge impact over the design and architecture of future Nintendo consoles...

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jacksheen00002498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Minamoto might as well step aside...He give up on involvement as Nintendo lead Art directing status a long time ago. Beside, Miyamoto is about to kick the bucket so it best to just give it all to the little guys. Miyamoto will always be a legend in the gaming industry.

AWBrawler2498d ago

Shiggy Isn't anywhere near dying yet unless an unfortunate event takes place

NewMonday2497d ago

LOL, it's like the image says "don't blame me"

ChickeyCantor2497d ago

Minamoto ~


Just makes me think of a female version of Shig.
Like how Micky and Mini mouse are.

maddfoxx2498d ago

I still think that Miyamoto has some great ideas in that head of his. And why do you think that hes about to kick the bucket?

jacksheen00002498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Sorry.. it was more like a figure of speech(kicking the bucket)xD since The only thing Miyamoto does for nintendo right now is oversee every project just to make sure the new lead art director/game developers do things correctly as well as making sure that every game has the look and feel of the Nintendo original classics.And recently, I read that Miyamoto don't really work as hard as much as he use to in the past; he just want to work on along side Nintendo just so he still feels at home. That being said, Miyamoto just remain to be on the sideline and helping out as much as he can. So that why I said he might as well kick the bucket and let the little take over; because even with his involvement from the side line it's still doesn't make a difference; simply because I had the best gaming experience when he had full involvement leading and everyone working at Nintendo followed through. So now that he working on the sideline things just haven't been the same.

Getowned2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

whats wrong with that,he is a hard worker he is a legend in the indestury and a huge asset for nintendo leave the man alone,hes earned every right to be there,some day he will step down and it wil be a sad day for all gamers his games are still very popular where most old franchises can't make it in todays world but his are still going strong infact i still regard Zelda as one of the all time best video gamer franchises ever,im replaying a few Zelda games and they may be a bit out dated but they are still fun to play to this day and give you a gaming experiance like no outher Skyward sword is going to be a beast of a game.

"Video-games are bad for you? That's what they said about Rock 'N' Roll."-Shigeru Miyamoto ;)

maddfoxx2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I guess i understand what you are trying to say, but I'm still confused by your use of "kick the bucket". Maybe there is more than one meaning to this phrase. I always associated the phrase with death. So when you said "Miyamoto should kick the bucket". . . to me it sounded like you said ~Miyamoto should die~. The thought of Miyamoto dieing just makes me sad >_<.

charmer2498d ago

proves nintendo has more geniuses in the wing.

jacksheen00002498d ago

You are right guys... I shouldn't have use the term "Kick the bucket" because Miyamoto is a legend and I wouldn't want him do to die especially after all he have done for us gamers. So I apologize.I'll use a better phrase next time..

Much respect!!!

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