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GameZone's Dan Liebman compiles a list of the Top Five most memorable game soundtracks.

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Kos-Mos2434d ago

Sometimes you wonder what's wrong with the world; Random pick of 5 games that scored higher than 8 worldwide, shuffle and draw. GG.

CrescentFang2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Japanese games just have a thing with video game OSTs, they should probably get their own list...
I'm not sure what this guy has played but there are A LOT of games (exclusive to Japan especially) and it kind of impossible to narrow it down to 5 OSTs...
The list was alright, surprised to see that 3/5 of the OSTs were Japanese though (especially Jet Set Radio, it is a hit or a miss with some)

Jappy-k72434d ago

FFX, Nier, KH2 and persona 3 and 4, Silent Hill and MGS series are my top most memorable game soundtracks

lance422433d ago

OOoooo, the Nier soundtrack is amazing...definitely would be on my Top 5. I think BioShock should've been left off.