Forza 4 is five weeks from completion, night driving is in

CVG writes: Forza 3's lack of night driving was a letdown for some fans - but the feature will appear in Forza 4, thanks to the game's fresh lighting effects.

When we asked Turn 10 chief Dan Greenawalt for an update on fans' chances of driving at night, he said:

"Our new lighting engine allows us to do alternate times of day. We have a choice number of tracks that are available in kind of an alternate trim, where you start seeing sun rise and sunset at a very oblique angles. That changes the light on the car and change the light in your eyes as you're racing."

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lazertroy2411d ago ShowReplies(1)
hennessey862411d ago

that just means early morning and evening settings for racing, I dont see there being night racing and to be honest in gt5 it was great at the begining but it soon loses its shine and your back choosing day races over night anyway :)

xer02411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I don't mean to troll but it seems like the forza guys are always playing catchup to GT5. Yet - they always hype their simulator to be better than GT5... and waste no effort with their trash talk.

BTW - it's absolutely wrong to include a rewind feature in a serious racing game. I'd understand if Forza was arcade... but real sims are meant to be a challenge.

Note: I'm going to need a bomb shelter for all the disagrees dropping my way!

ironwolf2411d ago

You do realize, that you are not required to use rewind? In two years of playing F3 I've never used it. So what's the problem?

KING_KAI2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

its so your nephew or son can have some fun, hardcore gamers turn it off.its not hard to work out really. forza is really value for money for the racers, the tuners, the drifter, the painters

this is mroe than a simulation this is an invitation

remember this --->

Montrealien2411d ago

I have been more pleased with the progress of the last 4 forzas in 8 years then the 5 GT in 15, and I bought GT1 and GT2 day one, and still own my original copies, I loooovvved GT and still do, but I have been having more fun with the Forza franchise since it has brought me what I have wanted in GT since GT2. To me, GT5 is GT2 with better looks and online play.

Ducky2411d ago

...Meant to be a challenge?

Then what exactly was the point of GT5 limiting damage for lower levels?

2411d ago
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Montrealien2411d ago

There was night driving in GT1, why is this such a special feature? Heck! there was night driving in HD on GT1 on the PS1 almost 15 years ago, lol

ok, it was not HD as we know it, but it was a great unlock at the end though.

NanoSoldier2411d ago ShowReplies(1)
Raven_Nomad2411d ago

First racing sim I've bought day one. They have improved so much and didn't take 5+ years to do so. The second half of 2011 is full of top notch games.

KING_KAI2411d ago

I CANNOT WAIT!!! most *complete* racer on xbox

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