PlayStation Vita is 'Great Proposition for Gamers,' says Insomniac Boss

PlayStation Vita had a fairly positive showing at E3 this year, and developers seem to be lining up to support the new portable, which will only cost $249 for the non-3G version. During our conversation with Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price, IndustryGamers asked the man behind Resistance and Ratchet & Clank what he thought of Sony's newest device.

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donniebaseball2375d ago

He's right. I played Uncharted and some other demos at E3. Vita's definitely a good portable and $249 is not bad at all for the amount of tech thrown in there.

hellzsupernova2375d ago

was it comfortable to hold?

on topic i agree 100% i havnt been into handheld gaming since i won my gameboy original with the green screen and donkey kong!!! so many good times. this vita is looking like it will pull me back into the portable gaming sceen

MasterCornholio2375d ago

For 250 euros the Vita offers the best value for that price. I am impressed with how sony can offer such incredible tech and for only 250 Euros.

Jihaad_cpt2374d ago

If I think how expensive an iPhone is I cannot understand the price of The PlayStation Vita. It is an anomaly... Oh well gonna get one before Sony come to their senses anyway :)