18 official photos of the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle

Microsoft has released a bunch of photos of the new Xbox 360 Star Wars.

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ASSASSYN 36o2403d ago

Impressive console. But is the game?

Wenis2403d ago

I wish the included game was Star wars Battlefront 3 instead.

darthv722403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

they programmed this 360 to make R2 sound effects when you turn it on. And you can talk to it like you would in the movie.

Luke voice: R2, (console makes beep boop beep) fire up the converters.

Oh and those looking for a darth vader model...just pick up the classic ps3. I consider that the darth vader system right there.

edit: i know this will get some flack but it has to be said. If they did make the unit have R2 sounds then the one (i would both hate and love) to hear is if the console crashed it makes the famous R2 scream or the sound of him fritzing out.

MintBerryCrunch2403d ago

it actually does make R2 sound effects

cool looking system but i wouldn't use it to play kinect star wars

everything we have seen shows an unpolished game, the system deserves a better SW to go along with it

DeFFeR2403d ago

The Old Republic should come with this system without the Kinect.

darthv722403d ago

i had not read that in other postings.

kingdoms2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Mintberrycrunch is one of the most die-hard fanatical PS3 fanboys on N4G as is most the others in here don't worry about them. Game isn't out yet.

Microsoft has been marketing kinect and r2d2 as sort of relatives based on their hardware and AI if you will, since before E3.

MintBerryCrunch2403d ago

whoa most die hard PS3 fanatical fanboy

wait you think that Star Wars Kinect looks like a good game?

pretty pathetic when a one bubble fanboy calls others out

so narrow-minded, do show where im a fanatical fanboy

ohh and please don't bring up SW Kinect, LIGHTSABER ON!

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Shackdaddy8362403d ago

I really want the console and the controller. The kinect and game doesn't interest me at all...

TheMutator2403d ago

wow is ugly as hell!!!! im stick to the gears of war console

DeFFeR2403d ago

There is something wrong with your eyes.

beast242tru2403d ago

mabe if it was just plain white reg design and the plain white kinect = sexy but this one isnt too bad

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The story is too old to be commented.