5 PS3 Games to Survive the Summer Drought

Eric of VividGamer writes:

"Are you bored? Are you sitting in front of your PlayStation wondering what to play while you wait for the next big release? Well if you are, I’ve got five games to save you from this summer drought. July and most of August are going to be slow months, with the next big release coming at the end of August. Don't worry, because these games will definitely help you pass the time, and might just open your eyes to some games you might not have thought you would enjoy."

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iamnsuperman2497d ago

For me it is alternating between Infamous 2 and Operation flashpoint red river

dwightmccarthy2497d ago

yeah im running through infamous 2 as well but will prob get limbo and outland to kill more time. maybe even play la noire again.

TheLiztress2497d ago

I know I'm looking forward to Catherine next week. And everything I heard about Limbo and Outland has been good. So I'll have to look into those.

rrquinta2497d ago

Yeah I am really excited about Catherine and to finally see what all the hype over Limbo is about. I also want to try Outland, but that will probably have to wait due to having so many other games to catch up on...

hennessey862497d ago

im playing gt5, resistance 2, pes 10, f12010 and abit of blops

firemassacre2497d ago

limbo, infamous 2 and gt5 here.

MysticStrummer2497d ago

Socom 4 multi, MAG, and another run through Demon's Souls for me.

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