Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Release Date

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is set for release on November 15th, 2011. Twelve new legends from Marvel and Capcom join the fray, bringing the total roster of characters up to 50.

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dericb112409d ago

Going to be tough for this game going up against all the Triple A title coming out around that time.

Neo Nugget2409d ago

Isn't that Revelations' release date?

Quagmire2408d ago

Well, we all know what game everyone will buy on that date.

LOGICWINS2409d ago

"Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is set for release on November 15th, 2011."

LOL, do they want it to fail?

CrescentFang2409d ago

What bothers me a lot (about the release date) is that they have this coming out the same year the original one did...

Fullmetalevolust2409d ago

and here I was pondering whether or not I had bought MvsC3 this Capcom, you're not even making an effort to conceal how much you enjoy screwing the consumer anymore. Well, good luck with that one.

emazzuca2409d ago

This Game will Suck!

don't buy it ! or support Capcom!


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