R2D2 Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Pre-orders to begin soon

Microsoft just revealed a new R2D2-styled Xbox 360 Kinect bundle at Comic-Con, to celebrate the Star Wars Kinect. The Xbox has a special R2D2 look and custom console sounds, and is bundled with a gold, C3P0-style controller and an all-white Kinect. It also includes Star Wars Kinect, Kinect Adventures, and a 320GB hard drive. A must have for the true Star Wars fan indeed.


Now available at amazon, just announced, link in post

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Inside_out2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

How about some Vader luv...shiny black and red like a sith lords face paint.

The world needs more Star wars games and dare I say...another movie trilogy...c'mon now, Lukas, make it happen.

gamingdroid2525d ago

God dang! I want one, but I already pre-ordered the Gears of War one. That's just one sick looking Xbox.

Comes with Kinect too!

rwallace2525d ago

This looks awesome! I just posted this news a bit ago as well, and I keep going back to look at the screenshots! LOL!

SarahFox2525d ago

its really an awesome idea, this and the gears of war one i think are the best they have made

Raven_Nomad2525d ago

This looks awesome! Microsoft really going all out with these bundles lately.

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