Inside Microsoft’s Fanboy Fantasy, the Star Wars Xbox 360

There's perhaps no franchise more immediately connected with our immediate mental conception of a fanboy than Star Wars. Then there's Xbox. A whole ‘nother world of chest-thumping, battle cries, and utter devotion. Those two worlds just smashed into each other at lightspeed. Meet the Star Wars Xbox 360.

The Jedi Council is a real thing. It's made up of humans, and it exists on our planet, in our plane of reality. They defend the galactic peace, in a manner of speaking: They approve every piece of officially licensed Star Wars merchandise ever created. And they have a list of rules.

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Anon19742501d ago

Ah. Here's the droids we were looking for.

Inside_out2501d ago

You definitely need the Vader version of this and while your at it...

Where are all the Star wars games already...PLEASE!!!

zootang2501d ago

Is this coming to the UK???

NoobJobz2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I think it looks pretty sweet. The only things preventing me from getting are
1. Dont want Star Wars Kinect
2. Already have a Kinect- why get another?
3. Gears 3 Console

But the console itself is really neat. I would love to buy one of those without having to get the games or the Kinect.

EDIT: Wait a minute. After looking through the article and seeing the photo gallery, there were pics that made it seem like the cover is snap on? Is that correct or is it painted?

turnerdc2501d ago

If you read the article...

"It's the paints that are tricky. Microsoft spent a month working with the factory in China to figure out how to layer the metallic inks in order to create shadows and the sense of the depth. When you turn the R2-D2 Xbox from side to side, the sheen of metallic inks shifts, so there's an almost three-dimensional look to the faux vents that run up and down the side. And the top chrome is bead-blasted, to approximate the spun aluminium of the real R2's dome."

NoobJobz2501d ago

I did read the article but then I saw the pics and I saw the shells.

turnerdc2501d ago

The "shell" is just the case disassembled. They did the same thing for the controller too.

Captain Tuttle2501d ago

The power on sounds and tray open sounds are the best

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