Brand New Exclusive Never Before Seen Starhawk Gameplay

GB: "Check out this exclusive never before seen Starhawk Gameplay features plenty of action including some flying Mech action all from the July Sony Event in NYC. I certainly did not expect this kind of action, it blew me away and makes this one third person shooter you are not going to want to miss. It will be about sometime in 2012 exclusively for the Playstation 3, unfortunately they would not even give a clue at to when it will be released other the next year. The smooth controls and tons of aspects in the game that we will just have to wait to get more on should make this game a buy as of now. Starhawk is being developed by Lightbox Interactive and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Check out the exclusive footage you won’t find anywhere else except for and of course crooked thieves… Enjoy."

***click the link for more videos***

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Nitrowolf22557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I want this so bad.

firemassacre2557d ago

this looks like the best sci fi shooter ever.

cliffbo2557d ago

no doubt it will be, but how can you tell by that poor video?

BitbyDeath2557d ago

All the features, i cannot think of another game that has so much epicness built in.

belal2557d ago

yeah i also think it is HHG.

UnSelf2557d ago

yea i knew i wasnt bugging, thats a Heavy Homing Gunship right?

grailly2557d ago

yeah, I'm pretty sure it's him. He's freaking out on this game lol, he indirectly said it plays better than halo O_O, unfortunately I have no faith whatsoever in what he says. I'll wait and see for myself.

I don't know when it happened but this game shot up to the top of my most anticipated games, just behind skyrim.

BitbyDeath2557d ago

He often goes over the top over a lot of things.
Better than Halo or not it will be awesome.

Raf1k12557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I thought that was HHG talking in the video lol

edit: definitely looks and sounds like him.

toxic-inferno2557d ago

I want to see more vehicles. We've seen a lot of on-foot shooting, and a bit of aircraft, but what about the other vehicles?

UnSelf2557d ago

i heard they got the IT vehicle from South Park

BitbyDeath2557d ago

Can't wait to see the bikes in action.

toxic-inferno2557d ago

Me either. They could either make the game, or break it. If they're easy to control, and fast, with no weapons (or very limited weapons), then they'll be a great addition. Otherwise, they'll break up the experience probably, and nobody will use them.

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The story is too old to be commented.