Even Hitler Is Pissed About Megaman Legends 3

iGG: Earlier this week, Capcom canceled Megaman Legends 3 and the Megaman fanbase are really angry over the situation. When Capcom said that there was no support, it enraged fans even more. Fans aren’t the only ones that are upset at Capcom, Hitler doesn’t take too kindly to the news either.

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Godmars2902410d ago

Can only say surprised this didn't happen sooner.

(Lets see that one b*tch console the other one over this)

kesvalk2410d ago

oh well, no 3ds for me them...

and before someone say something, no vita for me too...

meganick2409d ago

NO, GET A VITA!!! I'm just kidding. I don't really care.

JohnApocalypse2410d ago

The ending was the best part