To the Call of Duty Fanboys...

CDZ: Over the past few weeks more and more information regarding Battlefield 3 has been either released, such as the new multiplayer trailer, or leaked such as the Battlelog screens. Looking at my Twitter followers and comments on various other gaming sites, there is still a rivalry going on between arguably the two biggest games of this generation. Most of this rivalry is due to uninformed assumptions or straight up trolling. Let’s set the record straight.

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iamnsuperman2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

"You may see this as a rant and I’ll admit, thats pretty much what this is but I’m really pissed off with the constant war between Battlefield and Call of Duty. Technically, Battlefield 3 is better in ALL aspects than Call of Duty except framerate on consoles. This is a fact. Anybody who argues with this is a douche."

You are no better. There is no intelligent discussion here. We either accept you ideas or we are "a douche". I agree the fanboy war between COD and BF3 is ridiculous but because they are two games that offer different experiences to different people are ranting how the other side is wrong is not only immature but adds nothing. You have chosen you side others have chosen theirs. They are just games and there are arguments to which is better for both games depending on what experience you want which you have not gone into. Instead we have a BF3 fanboy rant

BeastlyRig2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I have to say I used to love call of duty! And It still is kinda fun! But.. I disapprove of the lack of innovation & even though they make the most money they won't give me dedicated servers!

Now they bring elite which will make them even more money and still only p2p? That is just disrespecting my $60 investment..

MW3 might be fun but it is still low quality by my standards..

jdfoster002371d ago

Just play through the campaign of BLOPS for e.g And behind the fancy facial tech the game looks disgusting! Then go and play COD 5. You'll see what I mean... You won't see a difference!

Pikajew2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Battlefield fanboys are just as bad as CoD fanboys.

Both have different single player campaign and diffrent online modes. the only thing they are similar in is that they are military shooters and there are a lot better shooters than them to choose from.

thugbob2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

But why are CoD fanboys saying MW3 has better visuals than Battlefield 3?

That's like Battlefield fanboys denying that MW3 is better when it comes to frames per second on consoles.

Makes no sense.


That is not the point I'm trying to make.

I'm talking about when CoD fanboys LIE about BF3 not having better visuals than MW3.

Stop stating the obvious. Of course if all you care about is looks and frames per second then you shouldn't be gaming. If I were to deny that I would be lying like fanboys do.

Pikajew2371d ago

If you are playing games for how they looks or the frames per second they are than you are playing them wrong or not a real gamer

DarkTower8052371d ago

"But why are CoD fanboys saying MW3 has better visuals than Battlefield 3?"

Nobody is saying that bro. Stop making stuff up. BF fans call COD players immature, but the past month I've only seen the opposite.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2370d ago

Who the hell said MW3 looks better than BF3? Stop shaking the magic 8 ball for answers.

JohnApocalypse2371d ago

And COD fanboys actually play the games instead of bitching on internet forums

Hufandpuf2371d ago

False, ask any COD player if they have played BF2. They'd say no.

Hufandpuf2371d ago

I agree us BF gamers are more obnoxious about BF3 being superior, but it's true. COD players are in denial while us BF players speak truth. Honestly, I'd do anything to keep ill informed gamers from playing sub par games (COD).

Motorola2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

COD players? I think you mean fanboys, not players. So all the 1 million plus COD black ops players on XBL are in denial? Maybe they are just waiting for BF3. Since the leaked footage of BF3, I log on to any Call of Duty game and people are talking about how fun and amazing it looks. No one is in denial but the fanboys that hate on BF and worship COD.

PS - you are right that BF fanboys are obnoxious, http://www.gamerevolution.c... You even have articles written about you guys.

NeoTribe2371d ago

Sorry but theres no better shooters than those 2. Plz name a shooter or 2 that are even close to as good.

Pikajew2370d ago

Half-Life series
Bioshock series
TF2 for online
Halo CE and Reach

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firemassacre2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

not one person complained about frames per second until battlefield 3 came out. and ive had no problems with bad company 2, why should i have problems with battlefield 3? it seems certain people are grasping for straws because when this bad boy hits the store shelves its over, hell...its been over since battlefield 2.

JohnApocalypse2371d ago

Its not like Battlefield doesn't have problems. The online doesn't fucking work on day 1

Hufandpuf2371d ago

It works now... Oh wait, you sold your copy after the first day, so you wouldn't know how amazing the game works and feels.

Der_Kommandant2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

...that took away half of my bubbles

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