Rumor: Assault Breaks Out at Comic-Con over Mega Man Legends

If the twitterverse is correct, Seth Killian was assaulted by an angry Mega Man fan at Comic-con.

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pedrami912588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Really ?
For cancelled a game ?
.....really ?

It's just a game !
Sure, it was long overdue and many of us were looking forward to it but to go as far as assualting a game dev is taking it too far.

blitz0x2588d ago

I guess he's just a community manager but I totally understand your point.

Solidus187-SCMilk2588d ago

haha yeah really WTF. maybe this guy was angry because he bought a 3ds to play MML3, LOL.

Some people take things to serious. If this is true someone should take this guys videogames away and show him what boobs are.

Godmars2902588d ago

Know I'm not happy about this, about a lot of things in faming right now especially from Square, but I'm not *THAT* bad.

Guess this means I have to stop joking about burning down their offices.

baker_boi2588d ago

Atleast if you gon assault somebody at the company, get one of the money bag stock holders who need a kick in their ass. Don't hit the community manager.

This is another way companies cover their asses, by never showing the top people's faces and giving somebody unimportant to talk to.

Seth shouldah swung on ol dude, don't be lettin no body come up and manwhich you.

Cereal2588d ago

Because a sandwich is a sandwich but a manwich is a meal!

agentxk2588d ago

Come on guys this is why we can't have nice things

wwm0nkey2588d ago

Rumors are also saying that capcom was kicking out megaman cosplayers too. Rumors and nothing more.

blitz0x2588d ago

It looks like a pretty widespread rumor at this point

iXenon2588d ago

I have a friend at the Comic Con who texted me and told me what happened before these news posts even showed up

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The story is too old to be commented.