Infinity Ward: Current-gen to last till 2010/11

Infinity Ward president Grant Collier has opined that the next console generation wave will hit in around three to four year's time.

Describing the developer's Call of Duty 4 as the first game in the second wave of next-gen titles, Collier told, "When the games first started coming out I remember thinking, 'oh my gosh, they look so realistic, they can't possibly get more lifelike than this'"

"...but then if you look at the games coming out now the photorealistic quality of them is so much higher that I'm kind of amazed."

"I definitely think we have another three or four years left in this cycle, with people making games for the next-gen platforms."

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PS3 Limps on and on4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

PS3 loosing a whole year on the market, before making an impact. PS3 launched November 2006, and barely now it's starting to make a little noise.

With games I mean. XBOX 360 made an impact as soon as it was out. Right away it had a lot of decent games. The PS3 was hard to develop for, had no big exclusives in the works and developers were lost on how to tap it's power.

We had a few average games and a mostly sub par ports of XBOX 360 games.

Equinoxe_74055d ago

Well, I think Playstation 3 is getting out of the cave now.

ikkokucrisis4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I'd say it's not limping any longer.

dhammalama4055d ago

It need some justification? err, ok. And by the way, if you look at charts and such camparing the 360 and the Ps3 in each of their first years it's nearly identical. Get a life and stop trying to start flamewars.

jiggyjay4055d ago

PS3 fans boys are now going to hate their favorite developers because it contradicts Sony's statement!

ps3gogetitt4055d ago

That sounds about right with the way technology is moving today, I don't know know about PS4 but I can see XBox 720 or whatever it's called, and sony coming 2 yrs later which will allow MS to get even more market share, whatever happens the next generation is going to be ridiculous...

Good thing MS won't abandon the 360 like they the xbox after the new system comes.

TheMART4055d ago

Sony will 'abandon' the PS3 just as fast if they sell 25 mln. this gen.

That's called business. Can we get enough spinoff keeping the product, or stepping in a new project.

Is a certain product a Milk Cow, or is it a Dog? Do we continue something that's not viable in some time or do we pick a new upcoming star to get it as fast as we can to the Milk Cow?

It's just that the PS2 got the largest last gen, the PS3 can have the same fait as the XBOX 1 actually.

KINGDRAMA4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

ms doesnt abandon a platform thats stuck at eleven mill for more than 6 months while the wii surpasses it. WHILEthe ps3 has got homing missiles locked on AND READY to rrod your beloved box to the console grave. RIGHT NEXT TO THE FIRST XBOX.

I mean how many more billions in operating losses can they stack up before the 360 is put out of its misery.

SEE? i can do it too!! EXCEPT I HIT U WIT REAL FACTS, not just nonchalant douchebaggery.

JsonHenry4055d ago

Wow, you had a problem with them dropping the original in favor for the new 360?

I was happy as hell all the new games were coming out on the 360 instead.

mesh14055d ago

kinddrama those facts were dreamnt up the same way u were conceived the crack pipe dreams keep dreaming on kid 360 is on 14million and rising while the ps3 has been 5 million since god knows when not to mention there no 1 online or playing ps3 that much unlike 360.

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genericname4055d ago

"Good thing MS won't abandon the 360 like they the xbox after the new system comes."

believe when i see...

BludoTheSmelly4055d ago

I bet it won't last another 4 years, theyll have to put out a more powerful piece of hardware.

KINGDRAMA4055d ago

it would seem logical for nintendo to aim at the hardcore gamer now imean their profits on the wii are like 1000%. im curious to see how this will pan out.

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