Console Wars: 10 Of The Most Funny Memes

Everyone loves a funny meme and, if you can mix this in with the heated console debates that occur regularly online, it's even better. Here's a rundown of 10 funny memes regarding the console wars. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll see a lot of stick men cartoons. Please note that I do not personally ally myself with any of the debates voiced in the memes below. Get ready to hold your sides team, because they're about to split.

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Godmars2902374d ago

But the only thing I've called gimmicky, not lame, was the Wii.

Kinect, not the Xbox 360 itself mind you, is however both lame and gimmicky.

(Hm, guess I do use that meme...)

Ducky2374d ago

Heh, amusing list.
Just wish it didn't have to be one meme-per-page.

MidnytRain2374d ago

I hate that set-up to be honest, but the list was good. I think I read somewhere that they do that so they can get multiple hits per person off of each story.

antz11042374d ago

Gotta admit, the car one and the evil wii had me lmfao. :D

Quagmire2373d ago

Lol, the car pic speaks volumes...

Saryk2374d ago

I thought it was funny!

spektical2374d ago

lol me too.

pc gamers usually lose their social lives.
im glad I jumped off that ship a while ago...but alas bf3 is begging me to build a new rig, hopefully the gf understands haha.

presto7172374d ago

Cadbury creme egg roflmfao

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2374d ago

pc gamers dont lose their lives any more than console gamers do.

evrfighter2374d ago

If anything pc gamers retain more of their lives. Crystal clear voice chat, unlimited ways of keeping in touch with your friends.

Not hogging the tv when the ol lady wants to watch somethin. Console gamers are more isolated and shut in then pc gamers

dalibor2373d ago

They both can be social really. It's just that it's up to you to make that happen. Don't forget you can have multiplayer on PC as well via controllers. Gaming can be social on any hardware. It also depends on the games as well. And the person themselves.

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ABizzel12374d ago

Awww. I felt bad for PC gamer. :(

In all seriousness it's a great example of the difference in both platforms.

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The story is too old to be commented.