Ultimate MvC3: Good Value or Quick Cash-in?

VGW: The announcement of the disc-only Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with its twelve new characters, eight new stages and gameplay improvements has brought some derogatory comments towards Capcom for skipping the typical DLC route that many games have been taking, including rival Mortal Kombat. However, could it be that Capcom is actually offering a pretty good value for the $39.99 repackaging? Or are they ripping gamers off as some have suggested?

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spektical2530d ago

not buying..

imma wait for SUPER ALPHA OMEGA ULTIMATE Marvel Vs Capcom 3 3D XXX version

Quagmire2530d ago

I like the XXX version, giggity goo

Vandamme212530d ago

It's pretty good deal
12 new characters
8 new stages and only $40 bucks
I didn't get the original MVC3
So I'll be getting this for sure

Armsgraph2530d ago

good news : Strider,Vergil,Frank West,Nemesis,Ghost Rider, Dr Strange,Hawkeye and Iron Fist!
bad news: no Mega Man nor X,no Gene from godhand,and rocket raccon? wtf
werid news: Phoenix Wright?is he gonna slam me in jail or slap me with lawsuits?

josephayal2530d ago

I want blanka and dudley

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The story is too old to be commented.