Kotaku: Infamous 2 is the Post-Katrina Video Game that America Deserves

Kotaku: Infamous 2, the best-selling home video game in America last month, is four years ahead of its competition. It's the medium's most significant post-Katrina video game and also, of course, one of its first. It has a message, if not about Katrina, then about what video games can mean in the nation in which they are played.

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sickbird2410d ago

...but not the one it needs right now...

Hicken2409d ago

Why does he have to run?

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Sarcasm2409d ago

Huh? Kotaku??? No underlying motive bashing the PS3?

Spenok2409d ago

This game was too awesome. Im sooo curious as to what they are going to do with the series after this one tho. They didnt leave it open for much. But at the same time....

Such heartbreaking endings, both.