I'm running out of excuses to avoid Dance Central (Bitmob)

Dance Central 2's new co-op mode just might be enough to get me to finally play with my significant other.

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illegalyouth2552d ago

You can never run out of excuses when you don't like to dance!

choadley2552d ago

Those outfits are straight from an 80s movie.

NagaSotuva2552d ago

Last night I had some family over and they played the hell out of Dance Central. Even my mother-in-law burned the dance floor, and she's deaf!

rod_furlong2552d ago

I haven't run out of excuses yet!

killershadow1172552d ago

Why are you making excuses to not play the only good Kinect game? It's like making excuses to not eat lobster while you are eating food out of the garbage.

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