Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Led to Disc-Only Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

GP Editor, Jason Clement writes, "If you're wondering why Capcom is releasing another version of Marvel vs Capcom 3, the game's producer Ryota Niitsuma has an answer for you. Apparently, they had plans to release much of the material as DLC, but the massive earthquake and devastating tsunami in March forced them to rethink their plans, especially since the game came out just less than a month before the disaster happened. Now that you know the truth behind Ultimate MvC3's development, does it soften the blow that the game is disc-only?"

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LOGICWINS2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )


Translation: "We make more money if everyone who wants new characters buys a $40 game disc"

It happened with SSIV, it happened with RE5(making people buy the Gold Edition if they wanted to use Move..when Capcom could have just patched it into RE5). What was the excuse for these games?

Yi-Long2375d ago

... abusing the tragedy that cost tens of thousands of Japanese their lifes to excuse their greedy business-decisions!

Venox20082376d ago

oh, capcom, i do 'believe' in you :)

newleaf2376d ago

And what about super street fighter iv?

SuperSaiyan42375d ago

They managed to bring out Arcade Edition for SS4 as a download *rolls eyes*.

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