Top Ten Movie Tie-Ins That Didn't Suck

In the wake of yet another rubbish movie tie-in (Harry Potter 7 Part 2), Dealspwn finds ten tie-ins that managed not to suck quite so badly. And no...Goldeneye doesn't count.

Dealspwn: 'The sins of the movie tie-in are well documented. In rushing to meet that release date deadline, so many things are overlooked, so many things are often left unfinished or underdeveloped. Sometimes the scope and ambition itself is cut short right at the start to accommodate for time constraints. More's the pity. Because it's not impossible to make a good tie-in game. In fact, we have a list of ten games that defied mediocrity and expectations to actually make something of themselves.

A little note before we begin. There are some corners of the industry who believe that games such as GoldenEye and The Warriors count as film tie-ins. This is simply not the case. GoldenEye was released two years after its original source came out and The Warriors, well, we're talking decades. To include such titles would be cheating, excellent though they are. We're not just talking licensed games here, but games released alongside a movie in the hopes of boosted sales across a wide range of media. Proper tie-ins. For this reason there'll be no Lego Star Wars, no Die Hard Trilogy and no Godfather. It's all a matter of timing you see...'

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WhiteLightning2431d ago

Kung Fu Panda but no Toy Story 2 for the PS1....

antz11042431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Spiderman 2 FTFW! Edit: @ below the Doc Ock fight scene at the end is still one of my favorite boss battles. End edit

Good list but didn't the Star Wars Arcade game come out in the 1990's? Well after the trilogy was released? Re-release dates don't count now....

Pikajew2431d ago

I still have spiderman 2 by can't play it :(

I love swinging around the city in the game