Press Pause: Our favorite downloadable console games (Bitmob)

This week on Press Pause, Carlos Rodela and Dan "Shoe" Hsu discuss their favorite downloadable console games of all time. Guess which platform gets talked about the most and which one is least represented? Guest starring Brad Muir, the lead designer on Trenched at Double Fine Productions.

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illegalyouth2555d ago

Hmm...I enjoyed PixelJunk Shooter much more than Monsters. Definitely the highlight of that developer so far.

NagaSotuva2555d ago

Brad Muir was a pretty cool guest. Shoe and him are so cute together!

chrispy2555d ago

PixelJunk Monsters!! Lovelove.

NukaCola2555d ago

I am totally bonkers for the DeathSpank series. I am super excited there is a third one coming. DeathSpank is my personal favorite multiplat downloadable game.

PSN goes to Flower
XBLA goes to Bastion

Other titles that blew me away:
Lara Croft