SegmentNext: Dark Souls - You Will Need Many Lives To Finish This

We find out how many lives would it take to finish Dark lives.

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zerocrossing2498d ago

The more I hear the more I like! Im real looking forward to Drak souls, It mite just be my game of the year 2011.

Unicron2497d ago

Have you tried Demon's Souls yet? Great game!

zerocrossing2497d ago

Yeah I have Its one of the best games I've played this gen, Tough as hell but great fun.

CaptainMarvelQ82497d ago

something about that picture screams Shadow of the colossus to me

zerocrossing2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Little guy giant monster?

trollkill2487d ago

Have to get this game!!! I love Demon Souls im on my third play through and it still doesnt get boring. My son sits down next to me and when i play its as if hes watching a movie! lol Out of all my games its his number one requested and for good reasonssssss. Great gameplay, big bosses, tons of weapons and armor and magic and the online capabilities are great!!!! I hope Dark souls lives up to the hype.