Rumor: Capcom Removing Mega Man Fans From Comic-Con?

Twitter based reports to @mmnetwork are claiming that the company is going overboard

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agentxk2500d ago

I'm leaning towards "Rowdy fans get removed from event for trying to start protests "

Abash2500d ago

I hope a Mega Man fan gets the chance to hit one of the Capcom people with a pie in their face

blitz0x2500d ago

I do the same thing at home for people that ask about megaman. :P

agentxk2500d ago

Why? The original games were great

blitz0x2500d ago

It was just a joke. I have a hard time believing that capcom would do this.

Solidus187-SCMilk2500d ago

If thesydid kick anyone out it was probably because they were disruptive, I dont believe they would throw out everyone in a MM costume.

Its either fake of spun by angry MM fans to make Capcom looke even worse.

Der_Kommandant2500d ago

I'm removing Capcom of my wallet

ultrapepe2500d ago

I miss megaman legends...

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