GameTrailers: Battlefield 3 - SDCC 11: Multiplayer Interview (Video)

New multiplayer features revealed for Battlefield 3.

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Jumper092500d ago

360 version still a no show.. sooooo bad dice :(

SKUD2500d ago

Its target audience is the PC community. Not showing it would be murder. DICE knows this. Personal run servers for this game will still be available long after the console community moves on to the next game. BF2 is very much alive and well.

Jumper092500d ago

We know the game looks and plays on PC.
But we need Console footage. Dice is targeting the CoD Crowd, so?

SKUD2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Both BF / COD started off on the PC. Again there target audience. As the release date gets closer I'm sure you will see the console vids. IMO its good to see that DICE isn't ignoring the PC like so many publishers / devs do now.

Crazyglues2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


I understand your concern but you have nothing to worry about, they did the same thing when BF2 came out and the beta was only on PS3...

DICE is a Quality developer and BF3 is console independent.. -(Meaning the engine it runs on is not designed for one particular console)

So it will run the same on both consoles, just like BF2 and PC will be where the slight edge will be as PC depending on your hardware will have the ability to turn the features up to their highest detail..

So don't worry it's going to look fine on 360..



Hufandpuf2500d ago

Bad company 2 had a beta on ps3 not BF2 (that's only on PC)

Crazyglues2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )


You know what I mean... -Don't be silly, of course if BF2 had no beta on PS3 then that's not what I was talking about - but if you need me to spell out the whole thing so you can understand here you go - BFBC2...


crazyturkey2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

If only consoles had the same size in multiplayer as in the PC version. The maps may feel too empty on consoles, but I'm still getting it.

MWong2500d ago

I still want to see console footage of multiplayer. As far as more players in MP, I think it's just right. Like you said of late MP on consoles have been empty.

Flavor2500d ago

Another BF3 article with no new content...