Special Editions: Are They Worth the Extra Cost?

An overview of up coming games special edition packages and their pre-order bonuses. Are they worth the extra cost for the trinkets we get?

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maxcavsm2468d ago

Christ, no. Never bought one, probably never will, especially as they get even more insane.

Christopher2468d ago

Depends on what the user wants. Some people want to buy an overpriced Lexus, some people are fine with a Honda.

For me, it's a case by case situation. Do I get something I find worthwhile? If so, I might buy the CE. And, I do go for quality statues, such as the inFamous 2 Cole statue that probably is the most detailed statue I've ever gotten from a CE.

LOGICWINS2468d ago

"Depends on what the user wants. Some people want to buy an overpriced Lexus, some people are fine with a Honda."

Thats a bad analogy. For example, the regular edition of Uncharted 3 is a Lexus IMO and the special edition is like a Lexus with spinning rims. Cool edition..but not worth double the price.

Christopher2468d ago

The analogy wasn't on the quality of the game, but on what a user wants to spend their money on.

A Honda does the same as a Lexus, which is get you from point A to point B. A standard edition does the same as a CE, which is allow you to play the game.

MrDead2468d ago

Who the hell wants a Lexus? You should have used BMW M3 (standad edition),M5 (special edition). Also no chrome please, this isn't the 1970's

LOGICWINS2468d ago

What about GOTY editions? Don't you get more value from them since they include all the DLC along with the game at a discount price?

Pro_TactX2468d ago

The extra value of a GOTY edition does come at the cost of having to wait many months before making the purchase. Not that waiting is a bad thing mind you. I do it a lot myself. Online communities though (for online enabled games) tend to be at their peak near a game's launch.

X-512468d ago

Sometimes they are. I like my ME2 and GOW2 CE's

Robearboy2468d ago

Nope, i bought a Ltd Edition version of Bioshock and a Ltd edition version of Frontlines with the free T SHirt, both of which are wothless

jc485732468d ago

yea, i've bought some worthless CE and didn't get jack from ebay when I sold them.

Cpt_kitten2468d ago

typically no but like the Old Republic on that is well worth the money

MWong2468d ago

I like EA's new approach to "special/limited editions" that cost the same amount as the standard edition. But typically no most SE/LE aren't worth the money.

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