Saving Content - Ms. Splosion Man Review

Excerpt: "Splosion Man has finally been captured, and now Big Science is celebrating. But amongst the joy, an accident occurred, inadvertently creating a female version of the man who loves to splode. Ms Splosion Man starts off with her escape from the labs as she explores Big Science City. There’s little to no tutorial here, forcing you to learn as you go if you’re not familiar with the controls from the prior game.

I wouldn’t say the difficulty that Splosion Man ended on, picks up here – but is certainly demanding from the get-go that may put off some players. Comparisons can be made with these games and Super Meat Boy, but they are different. Super Meat Boy is a really fast and precise platformer, that both do want fast times and demand a lot. But Splosion Man games are more strategic than Super Meat Boy."

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