Zelda Skyward Sword gameplay video

This is a new Zelda Skyward Sword gameplay video captured during the Nintendo Montreal event yesterday. This is the stage called 'Donjon'.

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kramun2529d ago

The guy playing this seems to have never played games before,

Lord_Sloth2529d ago

I want my Buttons back in Zelda...

IQUITN4G2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Once the biggest Zelda fan but i'm cautiously less taken in by them. Got my fingers very much crossed for Skyward Sword but i want something both epic in adventure terms like how i felt in Ocarina and a difficulty to match what these games used to be like- they were hardly the most challenging games of our time, but they also didn't hold your hand all the time- especially outside dungeons

Was a time when i couldn't say anything bad of the series and despite both Wind Waker and Twilight being typically excellent games, they were definitely lacking that extra magical something of Ocarina and Majoras. Probably just too easy i guess with more a focus on guiding the player more than i think they should. I understand Nintendo wanting to appeal more to an audience yet taken with the franchise, but it's at the expense of those that grew up expecting something different than what has been served up these last few times

OhMyGandhi2529d ago

the cameraman could have zoomed up for the love of god.

and you know something wrong when a Zelda game barely makes it past 100 degrees...

Zangalou2528d ago

ahah, Nintendo doesn,t want any zoom ... :/