CoD and Farmville are both important, says Square Enix

Farmville's impact on the future of gaming could be as important as Call of Duty says Julien Merceron, worldwide technology director at Square Enix.

Merceron believes that while Farmville and other social networking titles may not be taken seriously by hardcore gamers, the sheer number of people playing is a sign of its importance:

"Right now you see a wide range of games out there," said Merceron, speaking to at Develop. "There's Call of Duty, that is selling millions, and all these millions of consumers can't be wrong - this is part of the games that we're going to see tomorrow [in the future]. But at the same time, you have millions of people playing Farmville on Facebook, and again, this type of game is not wrong. These consumers can't be wrong"

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dangert122284d ago

Really square? how important are your games? just asking cause you don't seem to know!

Montrealien2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

and why would they listen to a few loud-mouths on the internet when their games sell millions and people clearly like most of their products, well, beside the 2% of the market on comment sections and forums who think their shit does not smell of course.

dangert122284d ago

*tumble weed rolls past*

Kurisu2284d ago

Farmvillia: Final Fantasy confirmed? D:

Alos882284d ago

People play Farmville as a 5 minute distraction at work or school. Very few of the people I have talked to who play it ever do so when they aren't supposed to be busy with something else.

Montrealien2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I think you are on to something! There is nothing better for feeling the pulse of a market then a quick market research with a sample size of 6 people.

Alos882284d ago

Wow, just think of all the good points you could have made in the time it took you to come up with such cutting sarcasm. :/

archemides5182284d ago

i know more than a few people who took it pretty seriously

but none of them play it or even think about it anymore.

mcstorm2284d ago

The biggest problem with games like cod is its stopping people from buying new games. Most people buy cod and FIFA every year and that's it so games like bf, ff, kz, Alan wake and plenty more are missed by theses gamers which is not good for the industry. But its not just cod that has done this live and psn are part to blame too in + and - ways. + side people get more out of there game for there money as live/psn keep you going back to it - side because people are playing the game longer they don't buy as many games.

Montrealien2284d ago

I don;t think it is as bad as you make it out to be. And maybe these people just don't want to play those games, what's so wrong with that?

darfreeze2284d ago

Screw you Square. You're making my favorite franchise unimportant!