New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy screenshots

Check out some new screenshots of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

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Keith Olbermann2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

uuugh... So heres SE. Instead of putting their money into recreating FFVI or FFVII for both 360 and ps3, which would make them mountains of money, they decide to make this and sequels to crap games like FFXIII. Yes, FFXIII sold well but what they dont realize is that people bought it because of the built up hype. Once they owned it, they thought it was crap and in no way will its sequel garnish any good will.

Stealth2k2500d ago

will you shut up you whiney hater.

This article has nothing to do with ff 13 and you just bring it up like a troll.