Simplified Crysis 2 multiplayer owing to Timesplitters influence

OXM UK: "Crysis 2's more accessible, folded-back multiplayer component is the result of Crytek UK's experiences on the Timesplitters series, according to designer Steven Lewis."

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davidmccue2555d ago

Just get working on Timesplitters 4 already, best shooter ever made.

dirigiblebill2555d ago

Unreleased game is best shooter ever? :p

(I get what you mean. Timesplitters is awesome.)

tbergen12552d ago

Agreed. Timesplitters is probably the greatest shooter around. Last one I saw was on the freakin xbox/PS2....

They need a next-gen timesplitters to show people what a real shooter is meant to be like.

hiredhelp2554d ago

Not only was timesplitters one the best fun games around. But free radical also made it look like one the best visually based games on the ps2. I enjoyed the cheats unlocks. Simply awsome.

Grimhammer002554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Well if it ever does get can look forward to all those awesome cheats being dlc. Lol

Heishiro__Mitsurugi2554d ago

If you look at Crysis 2s multiplay thread on their forums..there are problems like lag etc, that the devs just ignore since March.

Orpheus2554d ago

Stop blaming others for ur mistakes crytek ...... and learn to admit that you lied .... when you said each platform will get its best .......

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