Batman: Arkham City to get "Ongoing" Episodic DLC? Kevin Conroy has detailed the future of Batman: Arkham City in a new interview with According to Conroy the game will be "ongoing" with the chance to download "future episodes".

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LOGICWINS2405d ago

Great way to add replay value in the light of no online co-op mode. But if this is going to happen, I'd rather wait for the GOTY edition and get the game plus all the DLC at a discount. I waited for the GOTY edition of Arkham Asylum and I will wait for the GOTY edition for Arkham City :)

jc485732405d ago

seems like a better choice as my budget has really gone dry.

jbiz3202405d ago

It would REALLY be smart to keep this game going with DLC episode content.. Especially with the new Batman movie coming out next year.

LOGICWINS2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I wish that Sucker Punch did something like that with Infamous 2 instead of giving us a UCG creator. I'd rather pay for awesome missions created by the experts than make my own for free.

Same reason I'd rather pay to go to a movie theater to see Batman instead of watching a home made video of my little bro running around the house in his underwear with a Batman mask on.

FAGOL2405d ago

You never know. They may well be Infamous 2 DLC.

antz11042405d ago

great idea, I wouldnt mind reliving the ep where the joker had a waste barge full of smilex gas.

Quagmire2405d ago

The only developer I can think of who does DLC right is Rockstar, by making lengthy story campaigns.

Every other developer simply wants a cash-grab by releasing costumes/guns/other usless Bullshit

omi25p2405d ago

Bethesda with the fallout new vegas dlc. Also rockstar seem to have stopped making great dlc and are just pumping out Cr*p ones. Just look at L.A Noire.

CrescentFang2405d ago

Shouldn't they announce this after the game is released? Well I guess it doesn't matter since it isn't an "official" announcement...

LOGICWINS2405d ago

Yeah..I don't think this was intended to get out so early.

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