Who are the strong female characters in video games?

Finding strong, female characters in video games, who are aren't overtly sexual, isn't easy. But strides are slowly being made.

Female games characters over recent years have included a plethora of whores, romantic interests, peripheral voices and fly-by-night characters whose only mission is to push the story forward for the male lead. There have however been a few female characters who are defined by their strong personalities, characters that fall somewhat short of the big breasted, no brain idea of old. It's a few of those - and the games they spring from that are worth taking a closer look at, as well as those who still continue to represent the overtly sexual female games character.

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Getowned2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

alyx vance

AntoineDcoolette2552d ago

Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark on N64) and Nariko (Heavenly Sword) instantly come to mind. I keep forgetting about Alyx Vance though who is also a great choice!

And the strongest of them all? Hell I'd say THE BOSS from Metal Gear Solid 3. She is the truest patriot of all time.

Zeixama2552d ago

Xenosaga Trilogy's KOS-MOS . And to the author ; you are a child of this "next generation" . Because there are many strong female characters from PS2/XBox/GameCube era , not to mention , you will meet lots of strong female characters when you walk back towards the very beginning of gaming era . No offense , but your gaming adventure is newborn in my opinion ; good luck to discover and to play all those hidden good gems of the past .

air12552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Lora croft still has the edg IMO.

Damn I can't remember the girl from res evil! Her too.. What a brain fart!

Bayoneta too

Muthafodder2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

It's a shame that Heavenly Sword and Nariko went out like they did.

The developers should stuff their ego, tuck their tail between their legs and go back to Sony.

Could have been a great franchise's a shame really.

Sony picked them up off the ground after their near demise in 2005...their complaining over poor sales of Heavenly Sword is was a new console and still has a cult following today much like Demon's Souls.

Wintersun6162552d ago

Speaking of women in game development.. In Catalina's voice during a certain time of the month: "You will put pink ponies in that game or I'll blow your f***ing balls off!"

Don't take this too seriously, I don't have anything against women in game development or any other job for that matter.

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