Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Goku vs Janemba Boss Gameplay

New footage from Comic Con shows a Janemba boss battle with Goku.

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TurismoGTR2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

@ N4G, the user Tayz wants you to click on his site so he gets +Views.

edit, nvm.. ;)

Cloudberry2525d ago

I love the graphic style like this.

Dart892525d ago

Looks like this will be my 1st DBZ game purchase since 2007.

And Tayz i expect you'll do a review for this game??

tayz2525d ago

i will be playing it like there aint no tomorrow! october is sooo far away!

DrRichtofen2525d ago

This game is gonna be a must have, though the only thing I'm concerned about it is the bosses seem to only be sationary in one spot while you have to punch their hand as seen in the Goku vs Janemba vid above and Goku vs Great Ape Vegeta seen here: the boss fights look amazing but I want them to be chasing after me and flying around etc, and not just stuck in one spot.

CNXN2525d ago

possibly be my first DBZ game since budokai... my personal favorite and still one of my favorite games

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