Star Wars Old Republic Blast To The Number One Spot As Pre-Orders Begins, WOW Who?

It has begun STWOR followers, the highly anticipated MMO of the century is available for pre-order and the boys at Blizzard are probably shaking in their epic “Sabatons of Endurance” as the STWOR onslaught begins.

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mikeh09182495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

It's SWTOR and not STWOR, wtf. Star The Wars Old Republic. I don't think that's right.

SuperSaiyan42495d ago

Well spotted most likely a simple typo :-)

I got mine pre-ordered but not got my code yet for the early entry I guess the codes will start to roll out next week?

Big_Mex2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Edited* Haha im an idiot thought u meant how to link it.

JsonHenry2495d ago

A friend of mine is in the closed beta right now. He says the game is much better than he had expected and it is much more than a WoW clone with voice acting which is what a lot of people expected.

coolbeans2495d ago

I don't even see the "WoW clone with voice acting" as much of a slant to begin with. The game wants every mission, regardless of importance, to matter in one way or another. That in it of itself is breaking the MMO mold imo.

JsonHenry2495d ago

Yeah, he said the one thing they do well is "hide" the go here fetch so many of this quests within the underlying main story quests.

coolbeans2495d ago

^Thank you for that info. Every little tidbit I've seen/heard lately just gets me more and more hyped :D.

Gunshot2495d ago

As a beta tester, I have to say the game is freaking awesome. And I'm not a big MMO fan.